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For Partner Advisory Council Members

As a member of Dynamic Channels’ Partner Advisory Council, you’re invited to be a panelist on “Pitch-Slap” a web-based forum airing on a monthly cadence.

Pitch-Slap, it's like Shark Tank, but for international ISV and Off-shore development centers (“Vendors”) looking to get distribution or services arrangements for their offering. 


Vendors present (i.e. “Pitch”) their offering and partnership proposition to a panel of experienced C-Level Execs coming from Systems Integrators in the USA and EU.


Panelists evaluate the Pitches and have the opportunity to either:

  • “Slap-on” some coaching and suggested means to make their partnership “Pitch” more appealing; or  

  • “Slap-down” their commitment to take the next step (often a dedicated/private meeting) in order to further explore a partnership. 

For  Vendors, Pitch-Slap provides a venue to gain greater visibility for their offering.

For Panelists, Pitch-Slap is a no-low commitment venue where they can view new products; as well as being a forum where they can direct (and filter) the ISVs that are constantly at the door looking to “pitch” partnership.

Format: the show features 2-3 Pitches per episode, 15-minutes per Pitch. Presenters are constrained to 5 minutes to present their offering, with 10 minutes being allocated to Q&A to either “Slap-on” some coaching or “Slap-down” a deal.

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