Inside Channel Recruiting

Active Prospecting and development of potential channel partners.

  Contact List Development
  Partner Opportunity Identification
  Marketing Campaign Admin
  Social Ad Campaigns (at Cost)
  Marketing Funnel Development (at cost)
Inside Sales
  Patner Opportunity Development
  Intro Meetings
  Opportunity Follow-up
  Sales Presentations
  Meeting Setting
  Trade Show Attendance (at cost)
  • Terms

    The service is retained on a month-by-month basis, paid in advance.  The service can be cancelled at any time, but will automatically renew if not cancelled at least 15 days in advance of renewal date.

    All contacts developed will be released within 10 days of the close of the event/month, including call reports and all available contact details. 

    The services retained will be performed on a best-effort basis.  As there are no guarantees in sales or lead generation, in general, we cannot provide any service level or performance-based guarantee - not of any kind.  We commit to actively represent the offering; however, refunds will be provided only in the case of non-delivery of service, excluding Force Major situations. 

    All orders must be complete one week in advance of the start of the service to provide for adequate preparation, with payment of the service made in advance. All sales are final after 24 hours of payment.

    There are no results-based refunds or refunds of any kind, not even if service mid-term.

Price Options
Recruiting Shared
$2,250.00monthly/ auto-renew