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As an experienced C-Level leader in the D365 channel, we’re pleased to invite you to be a member of the

Inflation Impact Committee

Together, let's Fight Inflation & Delivery with Quality.

The Problem
to be addressed

Supply chain problems and inflationary pressures are well publicized in the world today. in recent times, our D365 space has been hit by the tight availability of certified resources – and cost/investment of getting them. Thus, the committee is here to share ideas and discuss means of confronting our ability to deliver projects profitably.

City Lights

Our Mission

Find solutions & answers to questions, like:  

  • Are the resource constraints persistent? 

  • Is macro-inflation in the world having an impact on project resources and delivery? 

  • Are project resource costs escalating?  

  • Are the costs of local resources, in-market, sustainable?  





Your Commitment

Participation in two 90-minute online meetings between now and the end of the year with this group of C-Level D365 Leaders.

In 2023, we will meet quarterly, with the intention of hosting an in-person “Summit”, at a mutually convenient venue


Open Discussion

The committee will have an open dialogue to discuss...


Do we need to proactively address the resource cost/availability issues? 


What opportunities are there to collaborate or share ideas?  


How do we continue to make good on our past project/price commitments amid rapidly adjusting market prices/costs? 


How do we continue to meet competitive demands in the future…. meanwhile maintaining project profitability?   

Your Private 

As a member of the D365 Inflation Impact Committee, we believe you, combined with the masterminds of your colleagues represented on the committee, can shed some light on these issues helping the collation to deliver projects more profitably – at rates the market can afford!


To facilitate a set of diverse inputs, the Committee will be made-up of regional leaders, initially one per market segment.


We are pleased to invite you to submit an application for your sector so we can together: “Fight Inflation and Delivery with Quality.”  

Nomination Form
ROW Selet
More specifically Do you (or your clients) see the need for certified resources?
Are you seeing inflation impact the price of projcts?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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