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Channel Strategy Quick Start 

Target Partner Recommendation Quick Start Deliverable

As a deliverable out of the course, which is accompanied by personal advisory, we can draft a quick-start Partner Execution Strategy.

Partner Strategy Development (online) Course Material

If you are working with partners in your sales or go-to-market, and want to define your partnering strategy, if you have many partners and want to review your partnering strategy.

On completing the Partnering Strategy Development course, you will have everything you need to create your Partnering Execution Plan.

Partnering Strategy Development course contains seven modules, as outlined below:

Clarify Your Partner Requirements

1. Target Customer, Decision Maker
2. Capabilities across Sales, Deliver, Support and Added Value Services
3. Key Criteria
4. Priorities to meet your objectives

Competitor Partnering Review

1. Learn from your competitors and how they are partnering in the market
2. Learn from leading comparable companies in the industry

Identify all possible Partner Types - Your Market Ecosystem

1. Through creating a pictorial view of the market
2. Identify all the company types engaging with your customer types
3. Select, for further evaluation, the company types that may be able to help you sell

Evaluate Company Types - Partner Type Evaluation

1. How to evaluate and prioritize company types
2. According to the capabilities you need to sell and deliver, and other key criteria
3. Extract criteria for your target partner profiles
4. Extract capabilities for your Partner Fit Evaluation

Creating Your Target Partner Profiles

1. With knowledge of your target partner types, how to detail your Partner Profiles
2. Detailing 'Must Haves', Maybes and Definitely Not's across many categories
3. enabling clarify and efficiency for list generation
4. and creating of Partner Qualification criteria

Creating Partner Fit Evaluation Template

1. With details of what you want in a partner
2. This course helps you define the set of questions to evaluate prospective or existing partners
3. To assess the partner's capabilities according to your priorities
4. And to assess the joint opportunity, Partner Fit, of YouCo and PartnerCo working together

Creating Your Partnering Execution Plan

1. based on the key components needed for effective sales channels
2. and based on your stage of sales channel development, and your priorities
3. to create a streamed Partnering Execution Plan

BENEFITS Of Completing The Partnering Strategy Development Course:

  • Gain clarity and details of what you really want from a partner, enabling clarity in communication and saving time in not considering or engaging wrong partners

  • Learn what to look for in reviewing competitors and comparable companies, to determine what will work for your business

  • Learn to stop guessing or stumbling on new possible partner types, you can identify all the company types that are operating in your target market, instantly see the dynamic of your market and enable you to select multiple possible partner types

  • Learn to define your evaluation structure to review different partner types according to what you need for your product to win new customers and the capabilities you need from effective partners, depersonalising opinions and winning team buy in.

  • Learn to define your Target Partner Profiles with the detail to remove wasteful ambiguity

  • Learn to define your Partner Fit Evaluation Template, with the defined set of questions to understand your partners business, to then assess how effective your partnership may be and pace of potential business

  • Learn to create your streamed Partnering Execution Plan, according to your business needs and priorities to meet your sales channel development goals

Your Host

Donagh Kiernan

Donagh Kiernan is the founder and CEO of Tenego, which provides International Sales Channels Development Services to growing and established software company clients, from across Europe and North America.

Within Tenego Donagh has been involved in over 100 companies of different types and sizes helping them with their Sales Channel Analyses and Planning, Partner Recruitment, Partner Management and Partner Program Development.

With a deep technical software development background, Donagh has been the core innovator of the methodologies contained being presented in Tenego Academy.

As a keen Industry Development activist, Donagh is involved on a number of voluntary activities helping companies share their experiences to help each other through events. Donagh has been also driving and hosting Tenego's Live Sessions over the past 10 years, many of which are now available as part of Tenego Academy's Membership program.

Donagh is happily married with three children, is a Liverpool FC Fan, a Soccer Coach with College Corinthians AFC Under 8’s and Adult Junior teams and is a big Cycling Enthusiast.

Session Agenda


Partner Requirements - What you want and can expect

Competitor Partnering Review

Creating Your Market Ecosystem

  • Creating Your Market Ecosystem intro (6:01)

  • The Ecosystem Structure and Rules (4:01)

  • Create Your Base Ecosystem Structure (5:20)

  • Preparing for Market Ecosystem Workshop (2:44)

  • our Market Ecosystem Workshop Session (10:29)

  • Finalising Your Market Ecosystem (3:32)

Partner Type Evaluation​

  • Partner Type Evaluation Introduction (2:38)

  • Partner Type Evaluation Workshop Preparation (1:16)

  • Selecting Company Types for Evaluation (9:31)

  • Partner Type Evaluation Score Sheets (7:43)

  • Partner Type Evaluation Sheet Calculations (6:56)

  • Opportunity for Partner Scoring and Proposition (4:50)

  • Partner Capability Scoring Direct (4:01)

  • Capability Scoring Things to watch for (3:35)

  • Capability Scoring Consultants as Partners (4:31)

  • Capability Scoring Consultants as Partners (3:52)

  • Capability Scoring Distributors and Re-sellers (6:08)

  • Capability Scoring Software Co's as Partners (3:47)

  • Capability Scoring Example Consultants (4:55)

  • Capability Scoring All Company Types (7:05)

  • Scoring Partner Key Criteria (6:36)

  • Interpreting Your Partner Type Evaluation Scoring (3:32)

  • Things to watch for on Partner Type outcomes (1:47)

  • Outcomes to Create Partner Profile (1:57)

  • Outcomes to Partner Fit Evaluation (3:16)

  • Partner Type Evaluation Sheet Final Review (1:01)

  • Partner Type Evaluation Sheet in Conclusion and Close (1:04)

Partner Type Evaluation Slides - PTS -

  • Template - Partner Type Evaluation Base.xlsx

  • Example Template - Partner Type Evaluation Final.xlsx

Creating Your Target Partner Profiles

  • Creating Your Target Partner Profiles - Introduction (8:37)

  • Partner Profile Sections: Detailing Your Partner Company and Customer Types (3:17)

  • Partner Profile Sections: Detailing Partner Solutions and Services Capabilities (2:24)

  • Partner Profile Sections: Detailing Technical Capabilities and Target Decision Makers (1:30)

  • Partner Profile Section: Detailing Partner Company Size (3:14)

  • Partner Profile Section: Detailing Competing and Alternative Solutions (2:57)

  • Partner Profile Section: Detailing Your Partner Prospect Ranking Criteria (2:29)

  • Partner Profiles - Typical Challenges and Final Review (4:58)

  • Course Download: 105.5 Creating Your Target Partner Profiles Slides - PTS - Tenego - 1.0

  • Course Download :Creating Your Target Partner Profiles Slides - PTS - Tenego

  • Download: Sample Partner Profile

Creating Your Partner Fit Evaluation Template

  • Creating Your Partner Fit Evaluation Template - Introduction (3:44)

  • Creating Your Partner Fit Evaluation Prerequisites (1:56)

  • Partner Fit Evaluation Structure and Sections (0:48)

  • Creating You Partner Fit - Ecosystem (1:22)

  • Partner Type Detail and Assumptions (1:33)

  • Creating Your Partner Fit - Structure (3:09)

  • Customer and Decision Maker Fit (3:46)

  • Current Products & Services Fit (3:27)

  • Marketing and Sales Fit (3:22)

  • Future Plans: Product & Services Fit (1:09)

  • People and Culture Fit (2:20)

  • Interest and Commitment (3:34)

  • Creating Your Partner Fit - References (2:00)

  • Completing Your Partner Fit Summary (5:38)

  • Creating Your Partner Fit Evaluation Template - Typical Challenges (3:06)

  • Partner Fit Evaluation Template - Final Review (3:44)

  • Example Partner Fit Evaluation Template - Resellers

  • Partner Fit Evaluation - Microsoft Word Template

  • Creating Your Partner Fit Evaluation Template Slides - PTS - Tenego

Partnering Strategy Closing

  • Closing Course (2:19)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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