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Dynamic Channels: a Market-Led Model


Commonly, the conversation around entering the US-market fixates on developing a partner channel - as if to presume: “partners will want to sell our product for the margin it offers and the unique feature-set it provides”.  From there, the conversation then often turns to choose the type of partner and partner program required to serve them.

The fact is, the cart is way before the horse.  Reality is: Partners are NOT standing in line to sell products from ISVs.  They are in fact overwhelmed with the number of offerings coming to them in the market.  Thus, choosing is type of channel and partner is in many senses a secondary issue.   

According to our experience, the most critical, vital, first and on-going need for an ISV is: end user demand.  Reassuring top-of-funnel demand comes first and foremost.  We must show the market wants what we offer. Thus, and with an eye toward the channel partners we want to impress, building a pipeline of actively interested End Users is essential to building a strong and sustainable partner channel.  

Gone are the days of channel partners developing the market for the software vendors. No longer do we induce partners to a product and ask/convince them to sell it. That model is a thing of the past.  There are simply too many, far too many, vendors with very similar products trying to get the attention of the same channel. 


Unfortunately, today, it is not the best product that wins, but rather the best marketed product that wins.


So, as we unfold our GTM strategy, we go to market by leading the way with development of a strong pool leads.  A strong marketing-led approach scales the feedback we get from the market, reduces the time to market. and attracts the best partners.  

A sustainable business is built with development of end users, served by partners. So, we need a strategy that is going to “prime the pump” – helping us get to revenue, fast!

A strong end user demand is the driving motivator for partners. And, with end user strong demand, partner recruitment and investment from the channel is a whole lot easier, meaning: a more quickly developed and less expensive partner channel for the ISV.

Cost effectively build scale in the US Market, with calculated and controlled marginal investment.

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AIDA for Partnering 

Strong end user demand is a (if not, the) driving motivator for partners. 


Our first step is to develop end user demand - used to lure and launch the partner journey.


Where there are active deals on which to work, the channel is more quickly developed and less expensive for the ISV with seamless recruiting.

Partners are great and necessary to service customers in remote locations.  We love them for serving customers. 

But we want productive partners, that serve customers.   So. joint marketing campaigns with partners are even better.

Dynamic Channels: scaling through channels

Dynamic Channels offers a marketing led approach to recruit partners, not “Biz Dev” alone. We offer a network of services so our ISVs can benefit from a lower cost, lower risk, faster entry to market. 


An approach for ISVs that is: customizable, a ’la carte, and easy to adopt.

With a variety of services to choose from, our first step is to develop end user demand - used to lure and launch the partner journey.

Dynamic Channels Delivers a Crafted Partner Development Experience

Demand Development, Nurture Campaigns, Partner Development, Pipeline Management and Partner Management on a fractional, outsourced basis.

About Dynamic Channels

Dynamic Channels is a Partner Marketing Agency focused on the Microsoft Biz Apps space that provides fractional resources and outsourced services: connecting you with everything you need to scale your independent software (ISV) offering as you enter the US market with and through partners. Our services are available on an a ’la carte basis, but work better when considered as part of a complete GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy.


Rather than making a full organizational and capital commitment the US market, we enable you to get started fast and effectively – at a fraction of the cost and in much less time, all meaning lower risk.

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