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P2P Marketplace for Dynamics

P2P Marketplace for Dynamics is a partner-to-partner Marketplace where Microsoft Dynamics partners can list their products for Internet-enable Person-to-Person representation in the channel - both the Microsoft Channel and 3rd party channels. You might think of it as AppSource, for partners. And…it works for both SaaS and traditionally licensed offerings.

A listing in the P2P Marketplace for Dynamics makes your product available to multiple partners, providing every approved partner their own custom referral link - at the terms you define, with the tools you provide to represent your products. Partners also get their own dashboard to track referring and reselling progress.

While activity in the many-to-many, partner-to-partner marketplace will continue to increase over time; from the beginning, a direct listing immediately provides a one-to-many partner referral and/or reselling tracking program to kick-start your partner initiative. That means, partners (and even your employees and customers) can immediately become brand ambassadors to refer and resell your product – by the end of the week!

Listing your product:

  • Defines the terms of your “partner program”

  • Equips your partners and business development managers with the tools they need to represent your products

  • Affiliate tracking tools with 6 different ways for partners to refer your product

  • You can add-on full PRM (Partner Relationship Management) tools needed to manage through-partner sales in a Business2Business environment.

Already have your own partner program?

No problem! The terms of your existing program can extend to people representing you through the P2P Marketplace for Dynamics.

Don’t yet have a partner program?

No problem! The process of getting listed will help define that for you as you work with our success team.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the process today!

Set a meeting to see about getting listed.

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